Tag: Five Realms


  • Kingdom of Hannan

    One of the [[Five Realms]] of Ashakadia, the Kingdom of Hannan lies on a peninsula that juts north into the sea. To the south of the kingdom lies the wild lands controlled by the [[Akanu | akanu]]. [[Oromo]]

  • Five Realms

    The states that surround the [[Itrean Sea]] are collectively known as the Five Realms. In descending order of population, they are: * [[Republic of Ashakad]] * [[Theocracy of Nirazim]] * [[Itrean Empire]] * [[Uzak | City of Uzak]] * [[ …

  • Republic of Ashakad

    The [[Old Empire]] once stretched from the Northwest tip of Itrea to the far Eastern shores of Volkhovia. The Ashakadians dominated this great empire, and the city of Ashakad was its crowed jewel, serving as the capital of the Old Empire as well as the …

  • Uzak

    The Free City of Uzak sits nestled on the Westernmost tip of [[Itrean Sea | Itrea]] and represents the furthest Eastern outpost and presence of the [[Sokoto]]. It is a powerful city-state - once an exotic and prized possession of the Ashakadian Empire.

  • Itrean Empire

    At its height, the [[Old Empire]] stretched from Uzak to blah de blah, and the empire established a regional power center in the eastern part of the empire. In its waning years, the eastern part of the empire asserted more control over its affairs, and

  • Theocracy of Nirazim

    The Theocracy lies on the north shore of Itrea, and thus shares more in common historically with the [[Republic of Ashakad]] than the other [[Five Realms]]. Nevertheless, it has a distinct culture that separates it from its neighbor to the east.