Bushwych Bill

Hannish Fighter


Bill is a fighter from the small fishing village of Bushwych in the northeast coast of Hannan. It has a somewhat notorious reputation as a haven for smugglers, though Bill himself seems a perfectly law-abiding mercenary and freelance. It was here, in CY 476, six years after the end of the Seventeen Years’ War, that Bill was born, one of the youngest sons of a large fishing family.

The postwar generation grew up in a time of sadness and slow recovery. The kingdom’s
rebuilding process further isolated small communities like Bushwych. Aside from the Duke of Brunia’s tax collectors and magistrates and soldiers, almost no one visited Bushwych during Bill’s short life in the village. Bill and his mates were always curious about the world outside, largely ignorant that the people of Bushwych preferred its isolation and privacy.

Bill’s family of fishers is a fairly comfortable one, though certainly not wealthy. Their comfort is rather a product of the hard work and wisdom of his parents. In addition to fishing, the family owns a small tract of land upon which dwells a clan of subsistence farmers. This source of income is small, but it does put a modest prestige into the family name. Bill’s father, William of Bushwych, just laughs at the suggestion that he is some kind of lord or gentleman, as he still hauls in the daily catch with his strong arm.

Bill worked hard for the family, but he did not take to it. After his work and studies3 were done,
he spent his time at a local tavern called Dock Eight Alehouse, learning little secrets and indulging
in tales of the larger world. A mysterious local named Rubin Barker, amused by the lad, taught
Bill to copy and forge documents in the shadowy back corners of the ’Eight. His parents never
disciplined him for engaging in these pursuits, though neither did they speak of it to him. Bill was
afforded a great deal of independence from an early age.

Bushwych Bill

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