Gebthal's Journal

..This exile has been more costly to Gorthar’s heir than he cares to admit… the Hannish people will not long tolerate our presence within their borders, and we are too weak to defeat them outright. Virigrim and his son are fools not to know this, even if they have the traitor’s support. Though the mines that I discovered last year are a valuable asset to our tribe, and the hutuug villages that Virigrim subdued add to our strength and stability, I think that Norwood is where our wandering people belong. We could grow strong there, even in the face of the giants and the hill and forest trolls. We could even form alliances with the other tribes that have settled there…

…I am concerned about the influence that Virigor has over Gebbul. Virigor has been luring the young warriors of the Red Skull away for several months now. Gebbul has been meeting with him. I think he’s planning to go north with him into that old elven forest…

…This is a dangerous line I am walking. Virigrim would certainly be enraged if he knew how much contact I have had with his prodigal son. My loyalty is divided between my tribe and my blood. Curse you, Gebbul! And curse you, Virigor! His reckless attacks upon the Hannish people will bring ruin to us all. And yet I cannot forsake them. My younger brother’s heart is in his keeping, and strong though he is, he is dimwitted and ignorant. And if Virigor succeeds, I shall reap many rewards…

She killed seven of my men last night. I think that she senses he is growing restless. He may soon deal with her. I have found evidence of his wrath, and it looks terrible indeed… How does Virigrim know so much lore of these lands?

His cave was smoking again last night. I suppose I should stop going in there, but those cave mushrooms are simply too tempting…

Where is Gebbul? He should have been here yesterday evening at the latest. That raiding party was large, and traveling in open, undefended country. The spoils of that raid should be good, though again I question Virigor’s judgement. We should not pillage so brazenly in the land of men yet. Knowing Gebbul, he lost the map I gave him. Perhaps I’ll send one of my scouts to find him…

…On this night the full moon will rise. I can wait no longer – I must return to the mines. Gebbul, my brother, if Virigor has betrayed your trust, I will rend him flesh from bone! Perhaps a carefully-worded inquiry to Virigrim is in order – he is not without his spies.

Gebthal's Journal

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