Gentlemen of the Road

The Adventurers Meet

It is Four Hundred Ninety-Three, in the Common Reckoning.

A Prologue in Four Parts
I. Mid-March. Cold rain in the capital city. Summoned to the wizard’s library, the elven apprentices are commanded to deliver a message to a southern lord, and to return by the autumn equinox with a pound each of limestone, sulfur, and iron ore, as well as two small rubies and one sapphire. The master then dismisses them without ceremony. Left to their own devices, they decide that the next caravan out of the capital should suit them.

II. Early April. A young druid bids his mentor farewell and slips out into the night. He plans to head south to the wild frontier – toward danger, toward adventure. What he leaves behind is his own business. Along his winding path, as chance would have it, he meets a paladin, a son of a southern baron. They travel, break bread, and share the road.

III. A twig snaps in the forest, breaking the stillness. It is faint, but it is enough for the itinerant ranger! He cocks his head and dodges the expected blow. He calls out a warning to his comrade as the orcs descend upon them, and the battle is engaged! The warriors cross blades with their foes, and the ranger and the other fighter slay the invading akanu. They set out to investigate this intrusion, and to warn traveling caravans to be on the lookout for these inhuman marauders.

IV. A mercenary sits in a busy tavern, alone with his thoughts amidst the din of activity. He has in his possession a newly drafted license of privateer, but has been unable to find suitable and trustworthy companions. Perhaps the next caravan passing through will prove more fruitful in this regard…


Waylaid by foul weather, an unlikely band of adventurers – Lemminkainen, Yeshiva, Girvek, Bushwych Bill, Thaddeus, and Zigmund – meet in Deepnach, a large town south of the Ell River in the central plains of the Kingdom of Hannan. By curious chance, all of their roads converge on Oromo, a small barony in the extreme southeast of Hannan. They hear a rumor of a missing nobleman’s son — Kyle Wallace. They resolve to travel south together, leaving the security of the road and the caravan for a wilder, more hazardous direct path to Oromo, in hopes of collecting a reward for their journey…

With better weather, the party sets out at last. After a day’s travel, in the evening, on the edge of Entwood Forest, the party stumbles upon a melee! Byrne and Ulrik, two border soldiers on leave, had tracked a band of akanu, and are now locked in a deadly contest with raiding humanoids. The party joins the fray, and together they slay eleven akanu.

Party defeats two small ankhegs.

Kill Gebbul and find his map of Pennan Downs

Meet Drogar of Tursilburg and Pollack the Sinanite
Evening- party reaches Ekelvane and bribes gatekeeper to gain entry. Party stays at [[Black Boar & Bandit]].

Force march to Oromo, and arrive late evening. Thaddeus parts company with his companions.

Meet with Baron, and present him with a sealed message. Party sets off for Pennan Downs.

Party avoids hutuug village
meets old woman and receive riddle
defeats small band of orcs

explore Gebthal’s meeting place, discover his journal, destroy his stock, take and bury chest, collect mushrooms and sulfur
set trap for returning akanu

Party discovers Gebthal’s Mine; they slay 12 akanu warriors, 9 miners, and 7 others.

(While party is away in Pennan Downs, Virigrim visits Oromo and issues warning that his son Virigor has formed his own tribe, and plan to attack Oromo soon.) -NOTE: I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHEN PARTY HEARD THIS STORY

Party repairs to Ekelvane, where they run afoul of local authorities over unpaid tariffs that may have been owed from their previous visit on 4/13.

Escape from Ekelvane

Battle of Oromo – Virigor’s company defeated and turned away

Sedam Mesuk

Party meets Izlau

Hral (bugbear capt.) tells story of wyrm
- gold dragon helped establish kingdom to N by sea; helped Artheden drive out imperial soldiers from across the sea
- dragon & firbolg drove giants from Norwood; also drove another wyrm from forest of Xcthlakan — she fled E of Norwood
- orcs found key that raises bridge of Saracen R.; key is staff, made by dwarves; this bridge allows them to march their armies across river
- wyrm: killed firbolg 14 yrs ago; Farik Thur worship her

9 cursed swords: shortswords of quickness

Bill receives letter

Doyle receives letter

Larnuud in search of Reliquary of Hasdrubal — Caves of Koi

Tulam – crazed druid; spoke of tragedy for elves

Reach Caves of Koi, explored the grimlock cave

clear grimlock cave

Yuggluk is grimlock chief

Koi: priest of Vallan; contemporary of Hasdrubal the Magnificent
-cast out of Vallist hierarchy; interested in age of magic
-robbed Hasdrubal’s grave, stole his toe; to be sacrificed to learn of age of magic
-traveled W, went insane; found ruins of Frith
-Lestineth devoured Koi’s soul

Author of tome came W in 100 to seek Koi’s treasure

Return to caves

adventurers defeat advance party of Lestineth agents; acquired unholy symbols from priests

Koi’s tome warns: “Look not into the eyes of the serpent.”

Doyle has a memorable dream: in it, a door is opened deep underground. He sees the reliquary atop a steeply-stepped pyramid. He is implored to use caution, and that he has received the warning.

Find the Reliquary of Hasdrubal.

Capt. of Larnuud’s company is Fritigarn
47 men & 6 creatures in Larnuud’s entourage
Party captures Titus Anvilbender

arrive at Sedam Mesuk, now governed by House Ganymede
Nibbidard does not trust Bertrand
Zigmund & Bill are arrested for murder of Anvilbender
Hadrian is the new steward of Sedam Mesuk

Doyle represents Zigmund & Bill in trial; they are acquitted at trial; Zigmund is
remanded to Doyle’s custody

The party departs Sedam Mesuk, heading back to Oromo


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